Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence

In 2012, after a competitive review, the High-Energy Physics and Particle Astrophysics (HEPPA) program was designated a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence (PRSE) at Colorado State University.  This distinction was renewed in 2016.

The Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence designation at Colorado State University, initiated in 1991, is awarded because the program has achieved great distinction and set a standard for excellence in research, teaching and service that may serve as a model for programs throughout the institution and externally.

The HEPPA PRSE currently includes five physics faculty, two research scientists, a post doctoral researcher, fourteen graduate students, and several undergraduate students. The faculty teach regular physics courses in addition to more specialized for credit and informal courses for students in the program. Since its inception, HEPPA members have contributed to more than 800 scientific publications and presentations resulting from research with several national and international collaborations, and have secured external funding every year since 1993.

HEPPA Scientific and Technical Staff

College of Natural Sciences
Prof. Robert J. Wilson* (Physics) Dr. Erez Aronis (Res. Sci. I)
Prof. Walter Toki** (Physics) Dr. Daniel Cherdack (Res. Sci. II)
Prof. John L. Harton (Physics) Mr. David Warner (Project Engineer)
Prof. William Fairbank Jr. (Physics) Mr. Jay Jablonski (Sr. Technician)
Affiliated Faculty:
College of Engineering College of Veterinary Medicine & Biological Science
Assoc. Prof. Sandra Biedron (ECE) Prof. (emer.)  Thomas Borak (ERHS)
Prof. Steven Milton (ECE) Asst. Prof. Alexander Brandl (ERHS)

*Program Director       ** Executive Committee