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NOvA Remote Operations Center (ROC)

The CSU Remote Operation Center is one of twelve such centers across the US, Europe, and Asia. The CSU ROC allows members of the CSU NOvA group to participate in NOvA detector operation shifts without the inconvenience and expense of travel to Fermilab. Six computers driving 12 high definition monitors enable the remote shifter to monitor the NOvA near and far detector operation and data quality from the CSU ROC via VNC remote connections. Additionally a 1080p video camera and 48″ HDTV provide a video connection to the FNAL ROC or any other ROC connected to the Vidyo network.

Once DUNE (or other Fermilab experiments) is operational it will almost certainly be operated in the same manner and the CSU ROC should be able to be used for shifts on DUNE as well.

Contact: Norm Buchanan