Prof. Wilson visits government and university officials in the country of Georgia

In October 2019, the Georgian Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Giorgi Vashakidze  met with the heads of the DUNE experiment, including CSU’s Bob Wilson. The meeting was also attended by the Rector of Georgian Technical University, Archil Prangishvili, Director of GTU Institute of Quantum Physics and Engineering Technologies Arsen Khvedelidze and Deputy Director Prof. Zviad Tsamalidze. The format of future cooperation with DUNE was defined during the meeting. DUNE is an experiment on deep underground neutrons at Fermilab (Elementary Particle Physics and Accelerator Laboratory, USA). By the decision of the DUNE Scientific Council, the Georgian Technical University became a member of the International Collaborative in May 2019. Collaborative membership will enable Georgian scientists to take part in a worldwide experiment and contribute to cutting-edge research.

Prof. Wilson also met with the Director General of the National Science Foundation and the chair of the Georgian parliament committee on Education, Science and Culture.