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Technical Services Facility

The Technical Services Facility provides engineering and technical support for members of the Physics Department. Senior Engineer David Warner manages the facility and provides engineering support. Warner is an experienced engineer who has been involved in design, fabrication, and testing of materials for nearly 20 years, including work on the BaBar, Auger, T2K, and DUNE experiments. The facility also provides personnel with technical skills such as electronics design and layout, mechanical fabrication, and computer aided design and drafting.

Machine Shop

The CSU Department of Physics machine shop is well equipped with programmable, precision milling machines, a welder, and other equipment that would be available. The shop can produce large scale detector parts we well as small scale precision devices. The hourly cost for the facility includes the cost of an experienced machinist. The department also makes the facility available to students at no cost, including training on the equipment and shop safety.

Contact: Dave Warner