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Cryogenic Detector Development Facility

The CSU cryogenic detector development facility (CDDF) consists of 20, 40, and 500 liter research dewars located in two laboratories. The smaller dewars are available for development and tests of small components where or smaller versions of detector prototypes, and where minimizing the use of costly cryogens. The largest of the vessels was designed and constructed to accommodate full-scale (2.25 m) components for the DUNE far detector.

The 50 liter and 500 liter vessels can be evacuated and gas-purged prior to filling with liquid cryogen. Both systems contain large dry scroll pumps and plumbing for gas and liquid transfers. The 50 and 500 liter vessels are also instrumented with depth sensing hardware. The room containing the 500 liter vessel is located in 25′ high-bay space containing a 1 t overhead electric crane.

Significant attention has been paid to safety of the facility. Several digital oxygen deficiency monitors are employed to ensure a safe working environment. In addition, a containment vessel is installed under the large dewar and liquid drains and exhaust fans have been installed in the containment area under the dewar. Access to the building and laboratory are restricted to authorized users. A video security system with 10 cameras is also used to monitor the facility.

Contact: Norm Buchanan


500 liter test cryostat during liquid argon filling.






















Inserting into 2 m long photon detector prototype into 500 liter test vessel.






















500 liter dewar with “big dipper” attached for thermal cycle tests of full scale photon detector prototypes for DUNE.




















Test apparatus (utlizing 50 liter dewar) for qualification of SiPMs and mounting boards for thermal shock.