NOvA Experiment Sees Strong Evidence of Anti-Neutrino Oscillation

The NOvA collaboration has release their first results taken from data using an anti-neutrino beam. The anti-neutrino result shows strong evidence that anti-neutrinos oscillate in a manner similar to neutrinos. A total of 18 electron anti-neutrinos were detected compared to a prediction of 5 if anti-neutrinos did not oscillate. Determining any differences in the way …

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CSU Part of Advanced Scientific Computing HEP Project


Prof. Norm Buchanan of the Colorado State University Physics Department is part of a new team centered at Fermilab National Lab funded to develop new high-performance computing tools for use in high-energy physics (HEP). The SciDAC-4 (Data Analytics on HPC) project will project bring together HEP and ASCR (Advanced Scientific Computing Research) scientists from P5-critical areas …

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First protoDUNE Photon Detectors Shipped to CERN

The first 12 photon detector modules have been shipped to CERN to be installed into the protoDUNE single-phase prototype Time Projection Chamber (TPC). The shipped photon detectors will instrument the first of 6 TPC cells (with 2 spares remaining). The photon detectors, the optical components of which come from Fermilab and Indiana University, were assembled …

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NOvA 6E20 POT appearance and disappearance results published in PRL.

NOvA’s latest appearance and disappearance results, corresponding to 6.05E20 POT) have been submitted for publication. Both results are posted to the HEP archives ( and ). The results utilize the first two years of neutrino (forward horn current) operation. The appearance results show a slight preference for normal mass hierarchy and delta_CP around …

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International neutrino experiment hands CSU the remote

The CSU NOvA group led by Prof. Norm Buchanan has constructed a remote operations center (ROC) at CSU allowing NOvA remote shifts to be taken. A story in the CSU source talks about the CSU ROC.