Professor Robert G. Leisure

I am now Professor Emeritus of Physics. While my academic activities are considerably less than before, I still have a strong interest in ultrasonic studies of materials and associated topics. Further information about my interests may be found by visiting other pages of the present site.

I am very happy that Professor Kate Ross of the Physics Department has added resonant ultrasound spectroscopy to her toolkit for work on emergent phenomena in correlated electronic materials. Anyone visiting the present site would surely find it very interesting to visit her web page.

I consider myself fortunate to have spent my career doing things that I love: teaching and research. By teaching I mean traditional classroom lecturing as well as individual mentoring of both graduate and undergradute students. Research has meant laboratory work, writing, taveling to conferences and various institutions to present results, and meeting researchers from all over the world. The last part has added a rich cultural dimension to my career.

Since becoming emeritus I have written a book, Ultrasonic Spectroscopy This book was motivated by my experience mentoring students over many years, and my impression of their needs.  To see a review of the book, please visit https://doi.org/10.1121/10.0000745

At present I am enjoying life very much. I maintain intellectual engagement with the Physics Department, I continue reviewing activities, I have time to write, and I also have time for outdoor activities.

Professor Robert Leisure

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