Program & Presenter Details

Conference Program

Poster Specifications

The poster dimensions will be maximum 42 inches wide and 48 inches high (vertical).  There will not be room for oversize posters.

Oral Presentations

Contributed talks conform to the APS format of 10’+2′, i.e. a 10 minute talk followed by 2 minute questions and answers.  Oral talk contributors should prepare a 10 minute talk.

Information for Parallel Session Speakers

The rooms in which talks will be given have large monitors
for computer displays and no other mechanism for visual aids:
no blackboards or whiteboards.  The monitors have VGA and
standard (type A) HDMI connectors. No other inputs
are available, and adapters are not provided by the venue.



The monitors are 16×9 format, 1280×720 pixels.

In order to avoid losing time to changing computers
between talks, we request that if at all possible you
present your talk using the conference-supplied laptop,
and load your presentation file on to the laptop via USB
flash drive (a.k.a. memory stick) before the session begins.
Please arrive at your session room 10-15 minutes in
advance so that an on-site helper can work with you.



The conference-supplied laptops run Windows 7, and
are loaded with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and
Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.  Other presentation software
will not be available, so if your presentation is in some
other format please convert and test it.



If it is necessary to use your own laptop because your
presentation includes components which
are not practically convertable to PPT2013 or PDF,
the time associated with switching to and away from
your laptop comes out of your talk’s time allotment.